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The Best Part of Blogging


As bloggers, we understand the connections. We understand how special it is to be able to easily communicate with people around the world, from all walks of life. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, these connections lead to a friendship you don’t know how you were ever able to survive without.

Insert Lauren here.

What started as obsessively stalking each other’s blogs rapidly transformed into commenting on every single post, gchatting all day long, nonstop blackberry messaging, and flurries of tweets and calls.

The days Lauren and I have spent spilling our hearts out to one another have changed my life. She is my advice giver. My cheerleader. The greatest source of inspiration and encouragement I could ask for, with a side of sarcastic wit that always has me laughing. She is incredibly beautiful, insanely talented, and comes from a huge family that I hope to one day meet.

Lauren turns 25 on Saturday. As much as I wish I could stand beside her as she blows the candles out, it’s pretty comforting to know that because of the internet, I have a best friend who is never more than a tweet, text or phone call away.

Happy birthday, little miss. I hope you have the most stellar day.


Things I Did While Sick


Every now and then I get a lump in my throat, and I’m not talking about the nervous, maybe-something-isn’t-right kind of lump. I get an actual protruding lump (sometimes two or three if I’m lucky!) sticking out of my neck, just below my jaw. And it isn’t pretty. And it makes me want to wear my hair all swept down around my face and neck and I was about to leave the house looking like that yesterday until my best friend, who I was accompanying on a trip to her work (My life is so much fun!), refused to be seen with me if I did. Which is saying something, considering she’d rather be seen with the girl with the golf ball neck. Yeah, the lump is like a perfectly round, hard golf ball. And yes, I went to the clinic, where I was told to just let this disease run it’s course. Usually they slice the lumps open and let them drain, but apparently this Mr. Doctor doesn’t seem to care that I’ve lost 5 pounds because I can’t eat anything other than frozen yogurt and gigantic slurpees. I want chips.

Because of the golf ball, I’ve spent the past few days lounging on the couch, watching an insane amount of tv (Did anyone else watch Turn The Beat Around? Was it not The Worst?). On Sunday though, my sweepy hair and I did go see a daytime showing of Shrek in 3D.

3D has a long way to go, if you ask me. I found myself giving my charming 3D glasses a little shake at times because they seemed defective. Why wasn’t the 3D keeping up with the running ogres? I mean, I really liked the movie, but I liked watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 3D better because at any given moment it seemed as though a cheeseburger was going to fall into my lap. Did not feel like a little ogre baby was going to jump out of the movie and into my arms during Shrek. Such a shame. The baby ogres are so cute!

Hmm. I thought I had more to talk about, in regards to Things I Did While Sick. I guess my roommate had it right when she told me “You’re being so boring!” 73 and a half times over the course of the past few days. Good news is that I’m feeling a bit better, which I hope in turn will make me less boring as this Saturday is Hats Off Day, which is my favourite day of the whole year. The day where I day drink and slide down fireman poles. Bad news is that there is still a golf ball in my neck, and it is raining.

Ah, the Canadian West Coast.

It’s always raining.