“I’ve learned that making a living, is not the same as making a life.”
– Maya Angelou

Sam is a nickname, one which I’ve had since the day I was born. My full name is not Samantha, Samuel or Samson. My father came up with Sam all on his own, and made an executive decision to sneak it onto my birth certificate. Thanks, Dad.

I am a 20something athlete, writer, editor and aspiring trainer. I have been trying to learn to cook for 5 years, and the most progress I’ve made was the day I received a George Foreman Grill – you don’t have to know anything to make a meal with that machine.

I read Us Weekly with my girlfriends and attend political protests with my boy. I wear heels and skirts to work, ripped jeans and skate shoes to play, and if I am at home, chances are I am fresh faced and in comfortable pajamas.

My friends are my family, and I compulsively tell them how much I love them. I am overly nice to strangers and I want the world to be a happy place. I also want a puppy, but I don’t think I’m ready for one yet.

I absolutely adore my city, playing in the ocean, and holding hands.


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