The Best Part of Blogging


As bloggers, we understand the connections. We understand how special it is to be able to easily communicate with people around the world, from all walks of life. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, these connections lead to a friendship you don’t know how you were ever able to survive without.

Insert Lauren here.

What started as obsessively stalking each other’s blogs rapidly transformed into commenting on every single post, gchatting all day long, nonstop blackberry messaging, and flurries of tweets and calls.

The days Lauren and I have spent spilling our hearts out to one another have changed my life. She is my advice giver. My cheerleader. The greatest source of inspiration and encouragement I could ask for, with a side of sarcastic wit that always has me laughing. She is incredibly beautiful, insanely talented, and comes from a huge family that I hope to one day meet.

Lauren turns 25 on Saturday. As much as I wish I could stand beside her as she blows the candles out, it’s pretty comforting to know that because of the internet, I have a best friend who is never more than a tweet, text or phone call away.

Happy birthday, little miss. I hope you have the most stellar day.



  1. Aw! I love you. Thanks so much for a great post. I never knew our friendship would turn out to be so important or so fantastic. You are the greatest!

    • Um, I was going to make my blog private but then you linked to it and now I feel bad!

  2. You’re absolutely right – one of the best things about blogging has been the relationships that have happened through these connections. 🙂

  3. Aww so great! Happy Birthday Lauren! I love bloggers 🙂

  4. Aww, this made me happy! And also? We need to Blackberry Message more =0)

    Blogging is seriously my lifeline on more than one occasion; I know that at any given time I can turn to a number of friends and be comforted, helped, encouraged and etc.

    Glad you two found each other!

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