The Dos and Don’ts of Vegas


My Vegas vacation was everything I could have asked for, and a whole lot more. My friends and I had the awesome experience of flying in tiny little propeller planes,  indirectly, with stops in both Portland and Santa Rosa. And on the way back the flight that we thought was direct was not – we had a sprint of a layover in Seattle. My best suggestion here is to fork over the extra cash and fly direct. I mean, we had fun and all, but the longer you can spend in Vegas, and the less time you can spend in teensy planes, the better.

Tips for those of you who are embarking on BISC?

The Pub at the Monte Carlo does Ladies Drink Free from 6-7pm and 10-11pm. Go here. Drink lots. If you’re nice to your waiter, he will bring you multiple rounds at a time, and when the clock strikes 10:59, he’ll bring you a few more rounds in to-go cups. If I haven’t convinced you yet, their slogan is Drinks You Can’t Remember. I mean it: Go here.

Caesar’s Palace is huge. We got so extremely lost. I don’t have any advice here, other than if you get lost, just make the best of it. Have alcohol handy. And sit down when riding escalators to give your tired legs a break.

Bring an iPod dock for good tunes while getting ready and partying in your hotel room.

Sunscreen. Do it. (I didn’t. Ow.)

Four Loko. We met some locals who laughed at our Budweiser drinking ways. They told us to drink Four Lokos instead. So we did. And, I don’t know, maybe you already know about Four Loko? I don’t think we don’t have this stuff in Canada. It’s a 12% crazyass, get-you-drunk-right-now, sugary, caffeinated drink. Urban dictionary said something about liquid cocaine. Use your own discretion?

Go on the rollercoaster at NYNY. It is kind of bumpy, but the view of the strip is incredible. Also, the line moves wicked fast, so don’t get all intimidated by it.

The tram is closed between 4-8am. Just sayin’. I would have appreciated this warning.

Order doubles if you are drinking while gambling. And if you don’t like gambling (Hi! Me!) play penny slots. They are fun and sometimes you win. Play slowly = more drinks drinks drinks.

If you’re into watching the NBA/NHL Playoffs, or any other sport for that matter, go to the ESPN Zone at New York New York. TVs line the walls, every booth has individual tvs that you can change to whichever channel you’d like to watch, and personal speakers line each booth so you can listen to what you’re watching. We were in LV for both Canucks games, and the experience of watching the games here was outstanding.

I’m not going to give a rundown of every pub and every club we went to, because I truly believe that you’ll have fun anywhere you go. It is Vegas. Sure, I had a stellar time dancing at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, but I had an amazing time everywhere we went, and I’m sure I would have loved all the places we didn’t make it to. There wasn’t a place that I walked out of, thinking, Well, That Sucked. Just enjoy the ride.

And most importantly, be kind. Everyone we met fell in love with our sweet, Canadian ways, and the people you surround yourself with truly do make the trip.



  1. It’s so funny to hear this. I’ve always taken Vegas for granted, because it’s a drive away, ready for any weekend. Still it sounds like you handled Vegas well. Good job.

  2. AWESOME tips and things I’d have never considered – except the sunscreen. This freckly-pale skin knows that well 🙂

  3. I think that all of us bloggers should write a travel guide to Vegas because we all have different things that we have found over the years 🙂 I’ve never heard about the Pub but I wish we had!

    I’ve gotten lost in most of the hotels/casinos in Vegas, not just the Palace. I’m great with directions normally, too… 🙂

  4. these tips are great and hello happy hour! definitely good to know 🙂

  5. Awww I love this post

    I’m glad you girls had a wicked trip and I’ll for sure check out the Pub – how could I not?!

  6. I”ve never had the desire to go to Vegas…until I read this post. Glad you had such a great time! 🙂

  7. II didn’t know about the free drings while gambling deal before my first trip to Vegas…playing the penny slots while I was drinking for free would have been better advice (and saved me more money) than playing blackjack while drinking for free.

  8. Like Doniree I had never considered the sunscreen either. Thanks! you saved me from sunburn which in my paleness is no joke. LOL

  9. Girls in my sorority are completely obsessed with four loko, but I’ve never tried it…I’ve heard of dangerous things happening while those suckers were consumed though.

  10. whoops, that was me above

  11. My boyfriend & his friends recently discover Four Lokos. And WOW. We now call them trouble in a bottle. 🙂 Definitely a perfect find for Vegas! I’m glad you had such a great time & I will definitely keep these tips in mind for my next trip there (Ladies Drink Free = sounds AMAZING.)

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