The Cousin Gets Bonus Points


So you write all this jumble for your darling baby cousin, and when you check Facebook the next day, you see she’s posted a new album. You open the album and find that right after a few pictures of her and her dad, there are a group of photos like this:

And you’re proud, cause she gets it. And you realize that you’re writing this jumble for her simply in hopes that she never changes, because the gorgeous girl already has it all figured out.



  1. love it. love it a lot.

  2. awesome!! she makes me smile. I wish she would talk to my 13 year old sister who sadly doesn’t listen to my advice.

  3. You go girl! ❤ And her, too!

  4. In other news, does anyone even say “You go girl” anymore? Yikes.

  5. Heart warm. I have it.

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