Jumble For My 15 Year Old Cousin


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Live healthy.
Never try to look like Nicole Richie, like Victoria Beckham.
Don’t use gay as a derogatory term – it is rude, and makes you sound ignorant.
Be polite and respect your elders.
Wear clothes that don’t match, streak your hair PINK and paint your fingernails yellow. Who cares?
The best days of your life come without warning. Stop being so anxious.
Don’t worry about being popular, focus on being yourself.
Take your time. Smell the roses.
Don’t pigeonhole yourself, or others, by using labels.
Laugh until you develop crows feet, and then laugh some more.
You will likely go through a number of hard times, but cherish your family regardless – you can’t put conditions on blood.
If you fall, get up.
Quit stress. You’re likely missing out on life, and in turn, the answers to your fears.
Run. Practice yoga. Exercise your body and mind.
Be present, or you’ll end up missing out on everything that is meant to shape who you will become.
Remember, you are beautiful, and more than good enough, as you are.
Relax. Enjoy the journey.



  1. Love this. Sadly I was told many of these things at 15, I just didn’t believe it. I think that’s just another part of the journey though!

  2. This is beautiful. 🙂 I especially love the pink hair part.

  3. I love this! I was lucky enough to mostly come into my own in high school and think I had a much better experience because of it. Not to say I didn’t need to hear much of this anyway.

    But yes, I more needed to hear a lot of this at 11 and 12. Middle school was a bitch.

  4. I love it.

  5. Great post 🙂

    I had a rough time in middle school but by High School I had become more comfortable with myself. I think all girls need time to come into their own (maybe with a little help)

  6. *sigh*

    love this

  7. Oh how I love this and how much I love that you’re sharing it with a young girl. I hope she listens and realizes how amazing it really is.

    Especially love this line:
    “Remember, you are beautiful, and more than good enough, as you are.”

    Greatness my dear!

  8. Yes yes yes.

  9. love this list!! amazing words to live by!

  10. Oh I love this, & I love the tumblr that the quote is linked from 🙂

  11. You always have a way of making me smile. This was beautiful, as are yellow fingernails 😉

  12. I love this and you. Except I would never have pink streaked hair. 🙂

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