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One of my birthday presents this year was a trip to Vegas. Inside an adorable card was a promise to take me to Sin City sometime this spring, which allowed me to help choose the dates and make sure nothing conflicted with traveling out of town for games during the regular season.

Not too long ago a date was decided on and in 20 days my three best friends and I are heading to Sin City. I’ve never been before and I can’t wait to get down there and be drunk poolside. And shopping with a beer in my hand. And all those fun things you can do in Vegas aside from gambling because I don’t care about putting my money into a little machine that likely won’t give it back.

Right now my friends and I are all being cutesy and going tanning together, which is weird and fun. Weird being having to call ahead to book multiple beds, and fun being that it makes going to the tanning salon bearable. I’ve also been logging a few extra minutes on the workout train, which makes me hate myself only a little bit. I’ve convinced myself the extra workouts are for spring and summer in general, not just Vegas, which I’m not sure is really better per se, but oh well. Abs make me happy.

I know a bazillion of you have been to Vegas. And a bazillion more are going in a couple months. Anything I must do?



  1. You must see the Bellagio; it’s a piece of art in and of itself.

    If you club, Tao is the bomb diggity.

    I’d recommend a quick trip down to Old Vegas too; they have a ceiling show thing that’s pretty darn cool (once).

  2. Yard pina coladas by the pool. Basically any activity that involves you, the sun, the pool and alcohol. And eating at all the fantastic restaurants (I am still in love with the lamb chops I had at Emeril’s restaurant in MGM Grand. From a year ago.) When I went to Vegas last year for the first time that’s all I did. Only hit the strip once and went to a couple casinos but I never gambled.

    I am guessing you are not going to Bloggers in Sin City. While this makes me sad, it’s ok because I can’t go either 😦


  3. Ooo have fun! I went to Vegas a few years ago and didn’t live it up like I should have and need to go back! It was pre-weighloss. I did love my hotel (The Monte Carlo) and their pool…in addition to a regular pool they had a little lazy river and wave pool! So fun! I’d love to go back and go to some of the fancy clubs.

    Definitely take your time and explore each hotel/casino and all that they have to offer (shops, bars, restaurants). I enjoyed seeing all the different themes and decorations.

  4. $10 daiquiris served in plastic cowboy boots. I am having a difficult time remembering where we got them (because, um, I drank a lot of daiquiris out of boots that night) but they were so fun. The fountains at the Bellagio are gorgeous and definitely worth seeing once (we went at night and it was … magic.)

  5. Bloggers in Sin City will be my first time there, but I’ll be looking to you for tips! 🙂

  6. I’ve never been but I hope to go one day!! Have fun!!

  7. You are going to have a BLAST. And I love your new blog look. If I already told you that, I apologize. Pregnancy brain has taken over, big time.

  8. Unfortunately, I’ve never been. I want to be drunk poolside with you. And drink beers while shopping with you. And tan with you. *sigh* this makes me sad. BUT I’m happy for you and I can’t wait to hear about it/see pictures!!!

  9. oh yay yay vegas! i say you must get a yard drink or some ridiculous shaped drink, they’re always a good time, haha.

  10. Strip Clubs…J/K. To be honest other than clubs, gambling, buffets and drinking poolside I don’t know much about Vegas. Enjoy!

  11. Jealous! There is so much to do in Vegas, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

    Definitely check out Old Vegas if you have a chance; it’s classic and retro and corny but also very cool.

  12. Depending on what kind of clubs you like, Rain at the Palms was amazing – try to get bottle service though or you won’t get a table. That’s how it is at most of the clubs actually. They had awesome silk dancers (you know the girls that do all the tricks on silks hanging from the ceiling). We also had a great time at Pure.
    There’s a pool party at MGM in the afternoons. This advice is from my party trip. When I went to have a relaxed vacay with my sister we went to Lion King, Freemont Street (which is “old Vegas” was kind of neat ith entertainers and the big screen roof thing.

  13. SO jealous! Have so much fun. I’ve never been yet!

  14. I just went for the first time, so I’m no expert…but you MUST see the fountains at the Bellagio at night. Breathtaking. And go to O’Shea’s. Super cheap Irish Pub/Casino attached to Harrah’s. All the tables are under $20 and you’ll need a place like this once you blow all your money. NEVER pay for a “coupon” or entrance anything or wait in line for a club. Vegas is all about getting the ladies into clubs free. So just walked around and be cute like, and you won’t spend a dime until you get into the place. Although personally, I hate clubs and Vegas was no exception :).

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