Breaking Habits, Part 2


No Candy February was such a smashing success. I didn’t eat candy for the entire month, felt awesome even during the initial cravings, and when the 30 days were over, I didn’t race out to buy Skittles. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even had Skittles, or anything more than a few 5 cent candies in nearly two months. Knowing how great I feel without pouring a mess of sugar into my body kind of keeps me from wanting to do so, you know?

The habit I chose to break in March was to stop eating ice cream and to stop drinking milk, simply because I’m slightly lactose intolerant and well, milk and ice cream make me sick. But they taste so damn goooood. Well, chocolate milk does. And really, any flavour of ice cream.

For years and years I’ve avoided drinking a glass of regular milk because I know it makes me sick, but the second you add some chocolate syrup into the glass? I’m all over that cause suddenly it tastes so delicious. And yes, ice cream makes me sick as well but it is so creamy and sugary and awesome that I’ll order milkshakes and I’ll buy cartons to keep my freezer stocked all. the. time. But almost every time after I finished the cone/bowl/glass, I was hurting. And usually pretending I wasn’t cause it is kind of embarrassing to be like, “Yeah, I feel so sick, and yes, I know why, and yes, I did it on purpose.” It’s never been worth it, but as soon as I was back feeling better, I would forget how NOT WORTH IT it was, and I’d be back pouring Nesquick into my milk. So smart, I am.

Well, I did not have a glass of chocolate milk nor a scoop of ice cream in the entire month of March. And like the no candy thing, it has been awesome. Yeah, I would be kind of jealous when my friend ordered a milkshake while we were out for dinner. And yes, it was painful to actually make chocolate milk for friends at my house, and then have to pour myself a glass of water, but the thing is, I feel better. It is actually quite nice to have snacks that don’t leave me feeling nauseas. Like popcorn for example, or an apple all sliced up. A couple times I even had some So Good which is nowhere near as good as “real” chocolate milk but I keep trying to fool myself into believing it is, until the day I forget what “real” chocolate milk tastes like and I’m all “Oooh, this is good!”

I’ve completed my 30 days, and likewise to how I felt last month with candy, I have no desire to buy ice cream. In fact, I have a half eaten carton in my freezer that truly isn’t appealing. It is amazing how our bodies work, eh?

Thursday is the start of Breaking Habits, Part 3 and I had a little bit of trouble trying to figure out which habit I should break, knowing that I have a lot of time off work in the coming month, including a trip to Vegas! But I’ve figured it out, I’ll do it even though it’ll be rough, and I’ll be back here at the end of April to tell you all about it!

Any habits you’ve broken recently?



  1. I’ve broken the “treat after dinner” habit by drinking tea with a bit of honey. Sometimes I actually am HUNGRY after dinner and then I have a slice of whole wheat toast with a bit of PB and honey. No more chocolate or ice cream though, except on special occasions!

    At first it was hard and my sweet tooth was SCREAMING at me every night. But my body and my sweet tooth have adapted 🙂

  2. I need to play this game. Problem is there is something in every genre that I like SO MUCH that I am incapable of giving it up. Maybe I should just ADD things to my life? A vegetable a day? A jog a day?

    I miss you!

    • Yes! A vegetable a day sounds lovely. I eat carrots every day. But I should probably expand my vegetable horizon to prevent, you know, turning orange 😉 Love you!

  3. Yay, good for you! I know all about this habit breaking thing, with my nails and all. It’s hard, but so worth it in the end. PS – your new look? LOVE.


  4. That’s exactly how I gave up meat (except seafood)! I gave it up for Lent and just felt SO much healthier without it 🙂 Now, if only I’d stop relying on so much pasta…

  5. This is inspirational! I’m such a “sweet morsel” (as I have coined the phrase) kinda lady. I just love desserts and sweets and candy.

    Ironically, Doni just sent me this post as April, I am not having any desert or candy for this month. MAMMA MIA! 🙂 I am so happy to hear you did it, that means (maybe) I can too 😉

  6. I love this, it’s so inspiring. Right now I would say my bad habit is chips. Crunchy chips… I love to crunch when I’m stressed and I just don’t need the calories. I even bought an air popper for natural popcorn! So for April I’m going to follow your lead and give up chips. It’s gonna be hard… xoxo.

  7. I’ve had to stop drinking milk for similar reasons. Sometimes, though, I’ll be baking, and, well, a little sip won’t hurt, right? and an hour later I am curled up on my couch begging for death.

    On the brightside, my interal organs have decided that, well, ice cream is okay. It entirely depends on what kind of ice cream, of course, but so far Ben & Jerry’s seems to be one of the chosen few that I can eat. There are others, too. I will never give up ice cream. And I only sometimes care about the misery that will follow.

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