Kookie and Tuffy


So, I live in a basement suite, which isn’t really a basement per se, just the main floor of a house, not that the location matters at all right now. My landlords also live in the house – they are young Tanzanian grandparents who stay up late and don’t complain when I make a racket at 3am because I’m using the blender to make late night smoothies. Home life is a good life.

Late last week, Mr. Landlord knocked on my door to let me know that him and his wife are going to Cancun. Obviously this is exciting for them but equally so for me as when they go out of town, I throw parties, and if we’re being honest here, damn good parties. I absentmindedly chatted with him about the trip, while I made a mental list of Things To Do In Preparation For Big Stellar Party. As we said goodbye, he thanked me kindly, and said he would bring Kookie down for a visit sometime next week so she can get used to the place before they leave.


In my pretending-to-pay-attention but really not-paying-attention-at-all, I guess I somehow agreed to look after his dog, Kookie, for the entire week in which they are in Cancun. Not only does a dog not fit into my party plans, I don’t really like Kookie. She is small-ish, but not super light and scoop-up-able and she’s yappy. Generally, I love dogs, of all sizes. My family’s dog weighs less than 10 pounds, and is the cutest black bundle of joy. She is lazy, but manages to power through a 10 mile run with me. She’s cuddly and lets me maul her and play with her and is just generally the best dog on the face of the Earth. I’ve had a German Shepard and a Golden Retreiver in my lifetime as well, who I also loved dearly. I play with my friend’s awesome dogs all the time. But for some reason, I’ve just never been that fond of Kookie.

Tuffy, my little rugrat.

Last night Mr. Landlord knocked on the door again, this time with Kookie in tow. He was going out to dinner and figured he would let her scoop out the place, as they leave for Cancun Wednesday morning. Kookie came in, Mr. Landlord left, and for the following 3 hours, the dog did not stop whining. I took her outside. I rubbed her belly. I let her wander around. I threw her a ball. I held her on my lap. I told her she was the best dog ever, and I even called her ‘buddy’. I did everything I could think of to make the dog stop whining and pawing at the door but she WOULDN’T STOP.

Princess Tuffy & I.

I don’t know what to do. Tuffy doesn’t whine. Dogs I know and love don’t whine unless they need to go outside. I realize that she was probably just sad and maybe scared and missed her dad, but WHAT IF SHE DOESN’T EVER STOP? What if she whines for an entire week? After the first hour of whining I lost my ability to concentrate on anything and nearly had a breakdown by hour two and a half.

I am a kind, gentle, loving person and I don’t know what I’ve ever done to Kookie to make her hate me so much, but starting tomorrow morning it’s Kookie and I for a week. And I’m all breaking out in hives about it. HELP.



  1. Dude, I’m no help. The only thing that stops my pups from whining is food.

  2. I’d ask the landlord for a blanket that he & his wife use for her to cuddle up with at night; having their scent around will totally make her feel more at home. Other than that, she’ll have to get used to it and within 24 hours she’ll realize that you are the caretaker. It will be ok. When all else fails, bribe them with treats! And walks, and maybe take her (him) on a long walk around the block three or four times so that Kookie gets exhausted & won’t have the energy to whine. Other things that help are music when you leave so she feels less alone & any other pieces of home your landlord can allow you to have while they are gone. Good luck!

  3. I don’t understand why he didn’t just ask you to check on her and take her out for potty breaks? She would be more comfortable in her own part of the house you know? I think it stresses her out more to be in an unfamiliar part of the house while they are gone. Ask him if he wants to do it that way? And if you’re reading this too late, Nora hit the nail on the head! 😀 Love you girly. xoxox

  4. Nora said what I would say. I’ve done some dog sitting for my bosses golden retriever, she whined for about the first day or two, then got used to it and was fine. Just try not to get frustrated with her and realize she’s unsure of her new situation and needs your patience.

  5. This is probably how they decided to get back at you when they were up at 3am because you were running the blender 😉 Good Luck.

  6. That photo of Tuffy is so so gorgeous, oh my god.

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