A Week in the Life


My team travels a lot. Our flights are booked as a group, and we take up an entire section of the plane, sitting in alphabetical order. Last night, as we were flying home, a teammate sitting a couple rows ahead of me started a game. We had to choose which teammate’s life we would want to live for a week.

We were quiet as we glanced around, sizing each other’s lives up. Eventually some people chose the captain, who is currently a stay-at-home wife. A few chose to live as one of our defencemen who is on maternity leave, hanging out with and taking care of her 11 month old. Others chose sweet little Cass, who is a bit of a hipster, goes to school, works at a coffee shop and simply leads a different lifestyle than your typical elite athlete.

This morning, while scrolling through my reader, I decided to play this same game in the blogworld. I knew right away I was looking for someone with a life drastically different from my own, and not long after that I had happily decided I would be living as Chelsea Talks Smack. I can’t carry a tune for the life of me, so living as a ridiculously talented, awesomely opinionated, stunningly gorgeous artist for a week? Yeah, sign me up.

And now it’s your turn:

If you could live as another blogger for a week, who would it be, and why?



  1. I’d probably want to live as mark Cuban. I mean, he blogs- he totally counts, right?

  2. Interesting….hmmm, I might want to live a combination of LiLu and Amber from Girl With The Red Hair..yeah, LiLu is hilarious and charming and Amber just seems to have it all together. I know that nothing is obviously as perfect as it seems, but yeah.

  3. Great idea! The first blogger that comes to mind for me, is Jimae Marie. Her kids are ADORABLE and hanging out with them for a day would make me giggle something fierce. Also? I’d get to eat all that yummy veggie food and sweet treats! Who wouldn’t want that? 😀

  4. You. Duh. But you would have to live as you too. Double trouble!

  5. I’d love to be able to skate so I think you’d be on the list.
    Add Kyla to the list because she’s elegant and full of grace and then I think Nicole (Nicole is better) because she lives life out loud & to the fullest extent which is something I strive to do but haven’t quite made it there.

  6. I would have to throw Kyla in there. Her elegant writing style makes her little prairie life seem so perfect and simple and absolutely lovely.

  7. YOU. no joke. you’re amazing in every single way. Strong, talented, adorable, sweet… the list goes on and on lovie. Plus, I secretly want to be Canadian so I can spell favorite with a u.

  8. LOVE Chelsea.

    I’d want to be ..hm, probably Andhari (http://insomniaclolita.blogspot.com). Being a female Asian rapper (who’s actually good) is so gangster.

  9. Wait, I linked wrong. http://littleinsomniaclolita.blogspot.com

  10. Kyla Roma (but only in the summer – I could not handle her winter!)

  11. i think i’d want to be a combination of kerri from your wishcake and nicole from nicole is better, yes two very different ladies who’s lives are quite different from mine that i’d love to be each of them for a day.

  12. I want to be Nicole from Nicole is Better and Jamie from A Life in Translation’s roommate. That way, I can have as much fun as they seem to have and also, I can go to Margarita Mondays. Every time they mention them, I get thirsty. Dang it.

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