It’s Just Another Ordinary, Miracle Today


In the hours leading up to the Opening Ceremony, we danced around our dressing room, snapping pictures of absolutely everything and everyone. We slid into our spandex catsuits without reservation and hung out by hair and makeup while we waited for our lovely friends from MAC to fix us up for the fourth time in as many days. We hugged, we cried, and we talked about how excited and nervous and anxious and ecstatic we were.

When the clock struck six, the room fell silent as all eyes were glued to the tvs. This moment meant everything to each one of us and it did not disappoint. We erupted as the audience perfected the countdown. We watched in excitement as the snowboarder flew through the Olympic rings and welcomed the world to Vancouver. We celebrated the beautiful Native American dancers, and when the athletes began to parade into the stadium, we lined up at the door, ready to join the dancers, builders and tappers in a holding room to wait for our call – our turn to take the stage.

The energy in the holding room was ridiculous. When Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado sang Bang The Drum, the entire cast sang along. Thousands of us were dancing and singing and jumping and trying to really, really absorb how amazing – how EPIC the moment we were in truly was.

One by one, the dancers, the builders and the tappers left the holding room. We cheered, wished them luck and gave them high fives as they took off to their respective stage entrances and we waited until finally, the call for rollerbladers to take to the stage was made. We waited in the wings and watched the solo aerialist, the storm and the mountain build. My eyes darted between the crowd, the cameras and the performance. I was overwhelmed with emotion.

We listened through our headphones as the choreographer counted us in. I skated onto the stage, beaming from ear to ear, partially concentrating on skating, but giving most of my attention to everything and everyone around me. When the music sped up and one hundred rollerbladers simultaneously switched their lights on, the crowd didn’t just cheer, they exploded. My body led itself through the rest of the performance as my mind was focused solely on being present in the moment, on feeling and capturing this memory so I could hold onto it forever.

As we skated off the stage, adreneline still pumping strong through our veins, we cheered. We cheered louder than ever before, and I smiled while shedding a few tears. Being on that stage, with the most amazing cast, in an Olympic performance broadcast to over three and a half billion people? It was the highest high, the best night of my life and something I will never, ever forget.



  1. I am more happy for you than words can describe my lovely little sister from another mister. I LOVE YOU!

  2. The Opening Ceremonies were fabulous. It’s so cool that you got to take part 🙂

  3. This is so amazing! I was so excited when you guys came on, I think I shouted “THATS THE RED SPANDEX!!” =)

    I love that you were able to take part in this, what an experience! How were you chosen?

  4. I saw you and you were amazing. I know you said words can’t do it justice but this was a truly beautiful post!

  5. I was seriously so excited for you! My boyfriend didn’t want to sit through the opening ceremonies, but I just kept telling him “Red spandex!!! My new blog friend is skating in red spandex, we have to watch!!”
    This post was beautiful!

  6. Dude. I kept telling everyone to “WATCH! My BFF IN CANADA IS GOING TO BE ON IN RED SPANDEX!” I’m not even joking.

    this is all sorts of awesome.

  7. I stayed up late waiting for you to come out and my friend had fallen asleep. I woke her up by shouting “I KINDA KNOW SOMEONE THAT IS SKATING RIGHT THERE”

    I am super jealous you got to do that – totally something I wouldn’t forget either

  8. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony but reading this makes me wish I did. The energy sounds AMAZING.

  9. I kept waiting for you to come out and then my entire family crowded around the big screen to see if we could see you… but then I realized I have no clue what you look like but I know I saw you without knowing it (if that makes sense? :))I can’t imagine how awesome it must have been! You’re a superstar!

  10. I kept looking at the email you sent me, wanting to make sure I didn’t miss the part you came on. I remember the aerialists in red spandex appearing, and panicking because they weren’t mentioned. Not that I had any clue what you look like, but it was cool to be like “my blog friend is performing!” to my roommate.

  11. that is so so exciting, sounds like it was a wonderful experience and it was a great opening. 🙂

  12. That is so beyond awesome. Like. I am just vicariously excited about this, for you. Even though I didn’t comment on it for, like, two months since I originally read it on my blackberry, which hates bloggers. 🙂

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