Olympic Exhaustion


Every time I talk to my Grandma, she reminds me to ‘take it easy’. She sends me care packages complete with tea, hot chocolate, sliced and peeled carrots. She worries that I’m running myself into the ground.

Prior to the past couple weeks, I always laughed her worries off. School, work, a few ice times a week. A social life, volunteering, time to study, weekend travels, squeezing in favourite tv shows. Sure, I’ve been busy, but it has been fun. And like I tell my Grandma, I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead.

The past few weeks have changed what busy means to me. Busy means waking up before sunrise. It means being hard at work for an entire day, and then racing over to a seven hour rehearsal. It means leaving the house at 7am, and not getting home until after 1am. It means doing this every day. Busy means your weekends aren’t a time to relax, but a time to squeeze more in. You race from arena to arena, to rehearsals, and then back to the arena. You literally sprint across downtown on a Saturday night, clutching your Olympic passes and nearly knocking over the tipsy girls in high heels, because you are busy, and right now, you are running late. Busy is your body being covered in bruises and your mind being so exhausted that stringing sentences together is work in itself.

Busy means wishing you could postpone your birthday. You somehow find time for a small dinner with your friends, but you sip water while they pre-drink, and then hug them goodbye – they’re continuing to celebrate while you return to the chaos.

Busy means being more exhausted than ever. It means you can’t kick the horrible cough you’ve had for weeks on end because you don’t have time to give your body a break. Instead, you beg it to bear with you for a few more weeks, and gently remind yourself, I’ll rest in March.

Busy means you’re burning the flame at both ends, but having the time of your life. And you wouldn’t change a second of it.



  1. What an awesome post. SO exciting!!

  2. Can I ask a stupid question? What are you doing for the Olympics? Are you IN the Olympics? Working FOR the Olympics? Coaching? I know you refer to being an athlete, and skating and maybe you addressed this in your old blog but I wasn’t a reader then. Just wondering because it all sounds very exciting and exhausting.

  3. I was wondering too, but figuring you were being hush-hush about it for a reason. That is so, SO cool!

  4. I’ve completely wondered about that too, but didn’t know if I should ask. And working that hard is rough- but it sounds as if it’ll be insanely rewarding.

  5. In less than 3 weeks it will all be over and you can rest. I know that it’s difficult now, in the midst of all the chaos, but do try to hold onto these moments as fleeting as they may be. And don’t forget to have fun 🙂

  6. And busy means you’re going to have the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME for two weeks! I’m sure you’ll look back on it all in months and not regret one moment of the experience.

    I’ll be watching for you on the TV!! Eeek!

  7. Wait, so I’m confused too! Did I miss the post where you explained what exactly you’re doing? Either way, if it has to do with the Olympics, it’s probably pretty awesome and I can’t wait to hear about it! xoxo

  8. Your determination, passion, and ability to juggle it all never ceases to amaze me. Oh, and can you share your Grandma? She seems like a great lady 🙂

  9. As long as you’re having the time of your life, and have plans to rest in the semi-near future – you’re doing something amazing.

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