The Birthday Post


You’re just a kid, doc, you won’t understand. But one day, you’re gonna wake up, and all the big stuff, all the milestones you’ve been looking forward to – graduation, wedding, having kids, your grandkids – it’s all behind you. It’s all over. All you got is a bunch of yesterdays, and very few tomorrows.

I have a picture of myself, taken on my 20th birthday. I’m in an ice rink, sitting on beat up wooden bleachers, wearing my best friend’s hoodie, my favourite sweatpants, rings on the important fingers, and I’m beaming. I had been at the rink all day, briefly escaped for a burger and a milkshake, and immediately returned to the rink to watch a friend’s team play. I love this picture, not because I look fantastic, in fact, I kind of look like a caricature. I love it simply because it so perfectly represents who I am.

For quite a few years I’ve been sharing my birthday with a very important tournament my team hosts. Early morning games mean no celebratory tequila shots, no party dresses, and no dancing on tables at 3am. And honestly? I enjoy it. I get to spend my birthday playing the sport I love, surrounded by teammates I love. There’s no pressure to wear a tiara and have the time of my life. The games are intense, but the time in between is mellow, a lovely contrast, perfectly complementing my personality.

This year is a little bit different as my birthday is a couple days before the tournament starts, but because the games will decide whether or not my team has a chance of making Nationals, tequila shots are still a no-go. Instead, I’ll be celebrating tonight by learning some new choreography at Street Jazz with my best friends, and will be with them again for a drink or two and bundles of laughter tomorrow. Early Saturday morning I’ll be packing my bag, and heading off to the rink. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here’s to being 23, appreciating everything the year brings, and and cherishing each milestone along the way.



  1. Twenty three?! Can I borrow a few years from you, please. I’m not ready to turn thirty! Have a good one!

  2. I got excited when I saw on your twitter about the Birthday week- I do that, too! (Mine’s next week)- and I love what you’re doing for your birthday this year. Party dresses & tequila are what I’m doing this year (because it’s my 21st, so it’s required) but I think doing something alternative- learning new choreography- is pretty sweet in itself!
    Have fun, & happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! xoxo

  4. What a beautiful birthday post!

    I think the days you spend low key and with close friends ARE the real celebrations. So enjoy and bask in the intelligence of avoiding tequila…whatever the reason.

    I also knew I liked you for a reason. Even though I’m from Texas, I grew up on the ice. I’ve skated my entire life. Granted, I figure skate…but I understand the feeling and being at the place that makes you, you. Happy birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday!
    I’ve always found that my favorite birthdays were not ones surrounded by massive groups of people while out drinking, but the ones spent at home with my closest friends and even family.

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. hope you’ve been having an absolutely wonderful birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I hope every last wish comes true for you today.

  9. Happy Birthday again, love! I hope you’ve had a fabulous night and good luck with your tournament tomorrow!

  10. Happy, happy birthday dear! It’s said by psych surveys that the majority of people under 23 say they’d rather be older, and the majority over say they’d rather be younger. So, you’re at the perfect age 😉 Enjoy it!

  11. Happy Birthday (sorry, a day late)… hope it was fabulous. 🙂

  12. I’m new to reading, but Happppy birthdayyyy!

  13. Happy birthday beautiful! Hope it’s wonderful xoxoxo

  14. I remember how my 18th birthday fell the night before a huge snowboard competition. And I felt it was the best birthday ever because of it. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Best of luck with all your games.

  15. Happy birthday!

    A friend has a pic of me from around my 20th birthday. My hair was long and slathered with product and both of my ears were pierced. I looked all sorts of douche-y.

    But I WAS rocking a plaid shirt, so that made it less objectionable. To me.

  16. Happy birthday! That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate- right in the middle of something you love.

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